The importance of video


The person stood behind the lens of the camera on your special day will be privy to your most intimate moments of the most important day of your life.  If you give an access-all-areas pass to your videographer, you increase the chance of capturing those small and fleeting moments that made your day so special.

What a professional wedding videographer can give you, if you let them, are the intimate moments between you and your loved ones… your Mom kissing you for the last time before you become a married woman, your Father squeezing your hand before he walks you down the aisle, the glint in your Fiance’s eye when he sees you in your dress and the special moment when the newlyweds first look into each other’s eyes, back turned to their guests and share a kiss.


Once the formalities are over, grab your significant other and find a quiet spot away from the crowd to just be together as a married couple. Soak it all in. Enjoy each other and be selfish with your time, this day is yours!  This is the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with… you will never look more beautiful or youthful or full of dreams than you are in this moment.  Capture it to relive when you are older and have experienced life together so you can fondly recall the start of your journey.

These intimate frames capture the apprehension, excitement and pure joy that you will share together.  Booking a wedding videographer means you will be able to experience this ‘high’ whenever you want to, re-living it through film.

The memories you make on this day will last for eternity – not only in your mind but for generations to come.  What a lovely gift to give.

Leanne Matthews