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On The Rise: Simple, Authentic Natural Weddings Wild Heart Films Wedding Videography

On The Rise: Simple, Authentic Natural Weddings

A Complete Guide to Having a Natural Wedding: Embracing the Authentic Experience

In a world that often celebrates grandeur, there is a growing movement towards embracing the simplicity and authenticity of a natural wedding. This guide is a tribute to those who believe in the power of genuine moments and heartfelt connections over lavish displays. A natural wedding is not just an event; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of your love story. It's about cherishing the beauty that lies in simplicity and creating a celebration that is uniquely yours. This guide is crafted to assist you in creating a natural wedding that embodies the true essence of your love story. It is an endeavour that celebrates the beauty of simplicity, the richness of genuine moments, and the depth of connections forged. May your natural wedding be a reflection of your unique journey together, an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Choosing a Meaningful Venue

Selecting the perfect venue is a pivotal decision in the journey towards a natural wedding. It is about finding a place that resonates with your history, a location that holds a special place in your heart. This could be your family home that has witnessed generations of stories or a restaurant garden where you first laid eyes on each other. The venue sets the stage, becoming a character in the narrative of your wedding, infusing the celebration with a deep sense of connection.

Venue Ideas:

  • Your favourite restaurant

  • A music venue you’ve enjoyed watching bands together

  • Converted warehouse spaces

  • Natural history museum

  • Observatories

  • Vintage cinemas

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Embracing Nature's Beauty

A natural wedding often celebrates the untamed beauty of the world around us. Rather than elaborate floral arrangements, why not consider incorporating the wildflowers that grow in the local area, you could also choose a venue which is already abundant with such natural decoration. This not only harmonizes with the surroundings but also pays homage to the enchanting allure of the natural world. Nature becomes the decorator, adorning your celebration with its own masterpiece.


  • Tree stumps or hay bales as seating, add cushions and blankets for comfort

  • Pine forests create a natural aroma

  • Backdrops such as waterfalls, or coastal views

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Crafting a Genuine Atmosphere

A natural wedding is an invitation to create an atmosphere that resonates with sincerity. It is not just a ceremony; it is a collective celebration of love. Prioritize genuine connections and heartfelt moments. Let the spoken words be a reflection of your journey together. Allow laughter and tears to flow freely, for it is in these unscripted moments that the best memories are forged. When you’re surrounded by all of your favourite people you can allow breathing space for the day to unfold on its own.


  • Don't plan every moment, allow time to relax and let the natural moments flow

  • Give yourself time together as a couple to embrace the day

  • Choose a natural videographer and photographer to capture your day


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Prioritizing Experiences Over Things

In a world that often equates value with material possessions, a natural wedding shifts the focus towards shared experiences. It is about cherishing moments that become treasured memories. Consider meaningful ceremonies and rituals that reflect your journey together. Invite your family and friends to contribute their love and support either to your ceremony in the form of readings, performances and songs or short heartfelt speeches. The true richness of a natural wedding lies not in what you have, but in the experiences you create together. It is an investment in the memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. There are many wonderful celebrants who will handcraft a beautifully written ceremony for the two of you which in our experience has always added an abundance of personality and enjoyment to each wedding day.


  • Musically inclined guests could be involved in performances

  • Short speeches from multiple family/friends

  • Celebrant led ceremony

  • Bring your pets!

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Mindful Planning and Logistics

While the emphasis is on creating a meaningful experience, practical considerations should not be overlooked. Mindful planning ensures that every element of your natural wedding aligns with your vision. Seek out eco-conscious vendors and local artisans who share your commitment to sustainability. Consider the well-being of your guests and the environment, from transportation arrangements to waste management. By infusing intentionality into every logistical aspect, you ensure that your celebration is not only beautiful but also responsible.


  • Eco-conscious wedding suppliers

  • Provide transport for guests

Personalizing Your Natural Wedding Experience

The heart of a natural wedding lies in the personal touches that reflect your unique love story. Infuse the ceremony with anecdotes, values, and promises that are deeply meaningful to both of you. Create rituals and gestures that hold significance, allowing your guests to glimpse into the depth of your connection. Honour cultural or familial traditions in the embrace of a natural setting. By weaving your individuality into every aspect, you transform the celebration into a true reflection of your journey together.


  • Share personalised vows

  • Create your own signature cocktails

  • Showcase your family heirlooms

  • Show a photo timeline of your relationship so far

  • Use your favourite quotes, films, TV shows or bands as part of your decor

  • Choose your music to reflect your tastes

  • Handwrite a note to each guest as a name place sharing a memory you hold dear

  • Eat your favourite foods

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A Wedding Defined by Authenticity

A natural wedding is an ode to authenticity, a celebration of love in its purest form. It transcends extravagance, focusing instead on the genuine moments that bind the two of you together. Each element, from the venue to the decor, is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. By prioritising experiences over possessions, you create a celebration that is rich in memories. As you embark on this journey, remember that a natural wedding is a tribute to your unique love story, a canvas on which you paint the beginning of your forever.

Natural Wedding Videographer

As a natural wedding videographer, it's important to us that we preserve authentic intimate moments for you so that your wedding film allows you to relive the emotion of the day as well as the stunning visuals. Our approach aligns perfectly with your vision for a celebration that embraces natural authenticity, capturing two wild hearts joining together and a day that is bursting with heart and soul.

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